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Become A Buddy


The players make every game special, but it’s the people who offer their time and friendship that make it possible.  Players are paired with a “Buddy” who helps them on and off the field. Buddies can be parents, students, athletes, business leaders, and any individuals or groups wishing to volunteer their time.

Goals for "Buddies" are simple:

  • To protect the player at all times.

  • To assist the player according to their needs.

  • To allow the player as much freedom as possible to play.

  • To have fun.


Become a buddy and you will be amazed by how much you are needed and cherished by the kids and their families. We promise you will witness a miracle and meet a new friend for life!


All volunteers will check-in 30 minutes prior to each game at the Volunteer Check In table set up next to the Miracle League field. Volunteers should be at least 12 years old to buddy. Volunteers should wear close toed shoes and may wear your organization’s shirt. A “Buddy” vest/bib will be issued at the check in table to the volunteer for any game in which the volunteer is a buddy. Vest must be worn to be in the dugout or on the field. Please, no cell phones in the dugout or on the field while “buddying”. Volunteers are needed to help assist each player on and off the field and your attention is required. All measures are put in place to protect our players. We appreciate your support.

If you or your group is interested in becoming part of our “Buddy” program, please email

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