Newsletter Vol 1 No 1 v3

Southlake Youth Team Makes Donation to Miracle League


On August 6, Miracle League was proud to accept a donation from the Southlake Baseball Association’s U12 Black Dragons All-Star team.  The donation of more than $600 will be applied to the construction fund and is generously being matched by the City of Southlake.

The players on the team include Brandon Bessire, Daniel Frascella, Walter Gaman, Collin Green, Cameron Miller, Chris Moses, Gabe Naughton, Cade Partyka, Chandler Pearson, and Jack Reusch.  The coaches are Scott Moses, Clint Miller, Randy Bessire and Chris Naughton.

After the team ended its summer all-star season, they found that they had excess funds and discussed how to use the funds.  After consideration of a number of options, including an end-of-season party, the players decided to make a donation to Miracle League of Southlake.

Coach Chris Naughton and his wife, Paige, were a part of the inaugural season of the Miracle League in Arlington and had close ties to the founder, Doug Inman.  Paige participated as a buddy during the inaugural season in Arlington and, as she said, “I LOVED it!”  Given that experience, she was very much in favor of the decision to donate funds to the Miracle League of Southlake program.

Paige could not have captured the spirit of Miracle League any better when she said, “I think all Dragon parents realize how fortunate we are to have children that can run and play.  While competing in youth baseball can bring out the worst in us, Miracle League helps us remember the true spirit of baseball!”

What is truly rewarding through this experience is the interest that several of the players have shown in volunteering as buddies.  In fact, some indicated that they will be volunteering for the Arlington program as a precursor to participation in Southlake once we “play ball”.  Thanks, guys; we appreciate your commitment and support.

Thanks so much, Paige, for coordinating this donation, and thanks to the players and coaches of the U12 Black Dragons All-Star team for your kindness and generosity.  We are proud to have you as a supporter of the Miracle League of Southlake.