Out of the Park!!

What a tremendous Opening Day for the Miracle League of Southlake. With attendance estimated at more than 400 total people, and weather that could not have been any more perfect, this was a great celebration and fulfillment of the vision that gives every chance a child to play baseball.

After presentation of the colors by the Keller ISD Junior ROTC, Ashlyn Bowman, an 11 year old sixth grader at Eubanks Intermediate School, sang a beautiful rendition of the national anthem. We were privileged to be joined by several former members of the Texas Rangers, including Jim Sundberg, Ken Suarez, Jose Guzman, Kevin Mench and Pete Incaviglia, as well as Rob Matwick, Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations for the Texas Rangers and a board member of the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation. Coach Lou Presutti, owner of the Cooperstown (NY) Dreams Park, addressed the crowd and players about the importance of dreams. We’re proud that the Miracle League of Southlake is playing a part in the fulfillment of dreams for so many.

The success of the day was due in large part to the commitment of a large number of volunteers. As a group, they came together and filled the needs ranging from announcers to buddies for the players and coaches of the teams. Watching the smiles and experiencing the joys of so many young athletes made for a very exhilarating day. And we’re just beginning, with games continuing through October 31. Join us at the Texas Rangers Miracle League Field and be a part of fulfilling dreams for these young people.

See you at the Ballpark!

To Our Volunteers

When Phillip Meyer and Mike Mills first envisioned building a Miracle League program, they knew that the vision could only be achieved if a significant number of volunteers stepped up to assist. And step up you did!

From the nine board members to the five coordinators who built a tremendous volunteer organization, this was an effort that is likely unparalleled in the Miracle League programs around the world. When the board put out a call for volunteers, you responded, so much so that we estimate the total number of volunteers exceeded 200! For many of you, there might have been disappointment about not being assigned a specific role for opening day. Rest assured, however, there will be opportunities and there will be needs.

The Miracle league of Southlake could not have had a successful Opening Day without the support of everyone involved, including players and parents, but the real credit for the day goes to the volunteers. On behalf of the board, thanks to all of you for your volunteerism and for your support of the Miracle League of Southlake.

See you at the Ballpark!

Become a Sponsor

The Miracle League of Southlake very much appreciates the support of individual and corporate sponsors.  Donations to the program are used in a number of ways, including field construction costs, operating budget, and specific items such as equipment and day game meals for the athletes.

As we move closer to game day, our need for assistance from our sponsors and donors will increase, leading up to Opening Day on September 26.  Please join us as we continue our journey to ensure that “Every child deserves a chance to play baseball”.

Information about our current sponsors can be found at http://bit.ly/1LqRiDd.  To become a sponsor or partner, contact John Slocum at 214.564.4465 or via email at sloc1028@verizon.net.  On behalf of the Miracle League athletes, thank you for your consideration.