Disappointing to have yet another rain out on November 7 but thank you for a special season.  See you in the Spring!

Out of the Park!!

We continue to have great success (the rains on October 24 notwithstanding!) in our inaugural season, a credit to all of you who have “stepped up to the plate”.  From players and their families to volunteers to our board members and volunteer coordinators, everyone has “pitched” in to ensure a memorable experience for the players.  We’ve had the pleasure to watch the coaches and team moms work with their teams and their efforts are to be commended.

The Miracle League board set a goal of having 100 players in our inaugural season; on Opening Day, we actually had 151 participants playing on 12 teams.  We’ve also had over 200 volunteers step forward and offer their time in a variety of roles, including coaches, team moms and buddies, all of whom contributed to an exciting game day experience.

Our goal is to move to an eight game season in the Spring, with continued growth in the number of players.  As we continue to grow, we will continue to have a requirement for a greater number of volunteers.  While not specifically defined, we anticipate registration for the Spring season opening in mid-January and look to begin an eight game season in late March.

Thanks to everyone involved for your support of the Miracle League of Southlake.

See you at the Ballpark!

Recognizing our Volunteer Coordinators

The launch of the Miracle League of Southlake was highly dependent upon a group of volunteers who would spend countless hours trying to account for everything required to ensure a successful first season.  And did they ever deliver!  The Miracle League board wishes to acknowledge the contributions made by our volunteer coordinators; without them, we could not have achieved the success we have. Our volunteer coordinators include:

Tammie Aeppli serves as the Director of Coaches.  With 10 years experience as a coach and volunteer with the Miracle League of Pensacola, she brought a great deal of focus to scheduling, team building and game day management. Chris Hamilton serves as the Director of Fun.  Chris is responsible for coordinating the national anthem singers and for the game day activities that keep fans engaged and entertained. Gayle Lord serves as the Director of Announcers.  Gayle has worked diligently to bring the feel of major league baseball to the players in our League.

Valerie Luyanda serves as the Director of Media and PR, working with local media to make certain we receive coverage of the efforts of all involved. In her role as Director of Team Moms, Cindy Shelor has overseen the contributions of the team moms for each team, a critical component of an enjoyable game day experience. Joanne Terrell serves as board secretary and also serves as the overall Volunteer Coordinator, with a primary focus on assigning buddies for players.

What a special group! Our thanks go to each of them for their contributions in our Fall season.

Our Spring Season

Following closely on the heels of a successful Fall inaugural season, the Miracle League of Southlake is pleased to announce that we will have a Spring season, with expansion of the season from 6 to 8 games.  The Board has not yet finalized dates but it’s likely that the season will begin toward the latter part of March and continue until Memorial Day.

We’re working to coordinate a schedule that accommodates a number of potential conflicts, including Special Olympics events, Easter and Spring Break.  Expect to see confirmed dates no later than the first of the new year.  Registration will likely open in mid-January; we are looking at a different registration module and will forward details in the same time frame.  The hope is that, if a player or volunteer is registered, we will be able to simply migrate all registration information to the new system.

We sincerely appreciate all of the support we have received this Fall and look forward to continuing our program in the Spring.  Thanks to all involved. See you at the Ballpark!