The Fall 2016 Season Is Underway!

A Special Buddy/Athlete Relationship


Buddies play a very important role in the success of the Miracle League and we are grateful to have the support and commitment of so many buddies.  While their primary role is one of assisting the player in every aspect of playing baseball, some take it a step further.

During the Cardinals game on April 30, several people noted the role of a buddy assisting one of the Cardinals players, Michael, who is blind. Michael’s buddy, also named Michael, not only assisted him in batting, circling the bases and ensuring his safety in the field, but he also conducted his own “play by play” of everything that was going on.  After each pitch, Michael, the buddy, would lean over and tell Michael, the player, exactly what was going on.

Whether in the field, on the base paths or in the dugout, Michael, the player, was able to enjoy the game in a manner very similar to a sighted person. The relationship between these two young people was something that literally brought tears to those who observed the special bond created by one individual who was committed to making the day a special event for the athlete he was supporting.

To Michael, the buddy, we say thank you not only for your commitment to the League but for showing a unique and caring effort to make the games a memorable experience for Michael , the player.  We appreciate both of you and applaud the bond forged in a very short period of time.  This is what the Miracle League program is all about.

See you at the Ballpark!

Civic Group of the Year!


On June 23, the Miracle League of Southlake was recognized by the Southlake Chamber of Commerce as the Civic Group of the Year.  This recognition is a testament not only to the tireless efforts of our board but also to the support and commitment of those we serve, including parents and athletes.  It is also a recognition of the contributions made by the volunteers who support the program.

We are honored to be recognized by the Chamber for our program but know that this is a reflection of the hours put in by so many people within the City of Southlake as well as surrounding communities.  To all involved, we say THANK YOU!

We look forward to seeing you at the ballpark on Opening Day, September 24.

The Batting Order



The Miracle League of Southlake is blessed to be able to serve the needs of young athletes with widely varying disabilities.  Of the 14 players assigned to the Cardinals roster, 9 of them are wheel chair bound, creating the potential for challenges in managing the batting order since there is limited room in each dugout. Through the combined efforts of Coach Tammie Aeppli, her assistant Lara Burnside and team mom Christie Fine, they defined a solution that makes this a very manageable process.

At the beginning of each inning, Christie calls out the batting order and players line up in the dugout in order with the last person to bat being the first person to enter the dugout.  To watch this process work as well as it does is a credit to everyone involved, including buddies who are responsible for ensuring that each player is in his/her proper position in the duogut.

This is yet another example of the commitment made by so many of our league volunteers to ensure that game day is a memorable experience for the layers.  In the end, however, there is just as much enjoyment on the part of the volunteers as for the players themselves.

Join us on game day and experience the joys of a Miracle League game; games continue through May 21.  See you at the ballpark!