Opening Day just announced as March 26 for an eight game season.  Registration is now open; register today.

Out of the Park!!

We continue to have great success (the rains on October 24 notwithstanding!) in our inaugural season, a credit to all of you who have “stepped up to the plate”.  From players and their families to volunteers to our board members and volunteer coordinators, everyone has “pitched” in to ensure a memorable experience for the players.  We’ve had the pleasure to watch the coaches and team moms work with their teams and their efforts are to be commended.

The Miracle League board set a goal of having 100 players in our inaugural season; on Opening Day, we actually had 151 participants playing on 12 teams.  We’ve also had over 200 volunteers step forward and offer their time in a variety of roles, including coaches, team moms and buddies, all of whom contributed to an exciting game day experience.

Our goal is to move to an eight game season in the Spring, with continued growth in the number of players.  As we continue to grow, we will continue to have a requirement for a greater number of volunteers.  While not specifically defined, we anticipate registration for the Spring season opening in mid-January and look to begin an eight game season in late March.

Thanks to everyone involved for your support of the Miracle League of Southlake.

See you at the Ballpark!

Inaugural Fundraiser Announced (click here to purchase tickets)

As we approach our second season, we are very excited to announce our inaugural fundraiser, hosted by the Southlake Hilton on Friday, February 19, from 6:00-9:30 PM.  The Miracle League of Southlake has tremendous support from our sponsors and donors that has enabled us to not charge a registration fee for our players.  However, we have certain expenses that we need to cover, including insurance and equipment, among others. Our inaugural fundraiser will enable us to raise funds to cover expenses that will ensure the continued vitality and success of the league.

There are a number of sponsorship opportunities as part of an event we have called our Winter Meetings.  These opportunities range from tables of 10 for $1,000 each to individual tickets at $100 each.

Through the support of our sponsors and donors, we are able to continue to offer a quality program for our young athletes.  With our first season completed, we eagerly look forward to the start of the second season on March 26. Please plan to join us on February 19 as we kick off our fundraising efforts.  Thank you for your continued support of the Miracle League of Southlake.

Our Spring Season … Opening Day March 26

Following on the heels of a successful Fall inaugural season, the Miracle League of Southlake is pleased to announce that the 8 game Spring season will begin on March 26, with games each weekend except for April 10 (Special Olympics event).

Registration is now open.  Please note that all players must register; if a player was registered in the Fall, they will need to re-register for the Spring season.  Our intent is to assign players to the same teams and coaches for continuity.  There may be some changes depending on the number and ages of new players but we will do our best to maintain continuity.

We sincerely appreciate all of the support we received in the Fall and to continued success this Spring.  Thanks to all involved. See you at the Ballpark!